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EPSON printer repair service (EPSON guarantee)

In addition to the statutory warranty period of 2 years EPSON grants 1 or 3 years warranty from date of purchase (the defective unit will be repaired in warranty without questioning the incipience of the defect).

Furthermore, EPSON offers CoverPlus warranty for many devices.

Supplies are generally excluded from the warranty.



This guarantee extension includes a carry-in service allowing you to send the printer for repair to us postage free for a period of 3 years in case of damage. Please attach a copy of your invoice or any other official form that shows the date of purchase. GEDAT pays the return shipping costs.

Note: In certain circumstances we may send you a refurbished low-end-device in exchange for your old one.



This guarantee extension offers you an on-site-service for a period of 3 years. In case of damage, send us the equipment type, serial number, a description of the damage and your address. We or an engineer of another Epson service centre will come to your site. Keep your invoice ready to show us.



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